Mad Scientist Ice Cream

Welcome to Mad Scientist Ice Cream

Deep Underground 3rd St Promenade Santa Monica, in a super secret lab, our Mad Scientist concocts creations of ice cream bliss. Beakers of ice cream, test tubes of drizzles, and loads of sugary fun. O what will the Mad Scientist make for you!

45 flavors of ice cream, 19 different toppings, and 15 different test tube drizzles.

Toxic shakes, reactive sundaes, and experimental dipped ice cream bars.

Be your own Mad Scientist and build it how you like…..

Have your order delivered to you or come pick it up at:

Kitchen United,

1315 3rd Promenade

Santa Monica Ca 90401

The Mad Scientist loves to get out of the lab and party with you. We have several catering options. Call or contact us online.